Thursday, April 9, 2009

Art 450 Proposal and Timeline

For this term, I want to continue to work on the same project I started just this last term, which taking pictures of circus arts; not only because it is my passion but I wanted to point out the beauty of the performing art and what the human body is capable of doing. Also I wanted to take photos of the preparations for shows such as costume and make-up.

I chose the images I thought were the strongest for my project and manipulate them in photoshop and print 17-20 images out on photo paper by the end of this term. I will still be taking pictures for quantity and quality purposes. I did some research and found a photographer that I had a style that I really liked,

Things I need to consider:

Cost - transportation and printing at API
Type of camera - Canon Rebel
Locations - Klamath Falls, Ashland and Medford
Time availability for other people when taking pictures
Lighting for indoor photography

Timeline -

Week 1 - look over the photos that were chosen

Week 2 - photoshop 1-2 images

Week 3 - photoshop 2 more images

Week 4 - take pictures if needed

Week 5 - have 5-6 images photoshopped

Week 6 - have 10 images photoshopped

Week 7 - 12-13 images photoshopped

Week 8 - take more pics (if needed) and have at least 17-20 images ready for printing

Week 9 - Print

Week 10 - Final!

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